"2015" Featured Movies

Mourning Son (2015)

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Dave Navarro is a trauma survivor of the highest order. When Dave was only 15 years old his mother was brutally murdered by her estranged ex-boyfriend...

Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four (2015)

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A documentary that tells the history of the ill-fated movie version of the Fantastic Four that was executive produced by Roger Corman.

Insane (2015)

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The weirdo and sadomasochist Condom is sent to a little village in southern Italy to kill a professional killer.

2 Hours 2 Vegas (2015)

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2 guys in a rally car (Wentworth Miller, Rami Jaber) take on a mission to transport a briefcase to Las Vegas in 2 hours...

He Knows My Name (2015)

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Little Rebekah brings Jesus home to meet her mother and grandfather - a simple act that will forever change all their lives.

The Gnomist (2015)

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When fairy homes mysteriously appear in a suburban forest, four women, driven by unquelled curiosity about the origin of this whimsy...

Behemoth (2015)

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Under the sun, the heavenly beauty of grasslands will soon be covered by the raging dust of mines. Facing the ashes and noises caused by heavy mining ...

Among the Believers (2015)

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An unsettling and eye opening exploration into the spread of the radical Islamic school Red Mosque in Pakistan, which trains legions of children to devote their lives to jihad, or holy war, from a very young age.

Only the Dead (2015)

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Australian journalist Michael Ware's experiences in Iraq during the 2003 war and after.

SOMM: Into the Bottle (2015)

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The history, politics, pleasure, and BS of wine told through opening ten very different bottles.

Highway to Hellas (2015)

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The Germans are coming. To snoop, pry and inspect once again, because the Greek are always under suspicion to lie...

The White Knights (2015)

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At the head of his NGO Move For Kids, Jacques Arnault pulls some humanitarian workers in a country of Africa "to take in" orphan children. The operation is transformed in a panic.

Big Gold Dream (2015)

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The story of the Scottish indie labels Fast Product and Postcard Records.

Pipe Dream (2015)

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A story of two wannabe Schoolies on the Gold Coast during a state-wide crackdown on drugs. The boys stumble upon a stash of "weed"...

Winter at Westbeth (2015)

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In New York's West Village, the elderly residents of a unique artist community continue to question, challenge and create as though there is no tomorrow.

Seeking Dolly Parton (2015)

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When Charlie and her girlfriend Cerina decide to have a baby together, the idea of using Cerina's ex-boyfriend Josh as the live-in donor turns an easy on-paper idea into a much more challenging event.

The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles (2015)

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Sergio, Fausto Diego and Claudio have to struggle against Camorra in order to open an agritourism.

Undetectable (2015)

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A gay man living with HIV must confront the guilt tormenting him after betraying and infecting his terminal ex-lover.

The Garden's Keeper (2015)

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A motley crew of old friends go in search for a secret U.F.O. sighting camp where they come across something far more dangerous and far more other-worldly.

Batalon (2015)

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Russia, 1917, WWI. This is the story of the 1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death, formed as part of an ill-conceived propaganda ploy by the Russian Provisional Government in late May of 1917.

Me You and Five Bucks (2015)

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A womanizing yet lovable loser, Charlie, a waiter in his early 30's who dreams of selling his book entitled...

The Glamour & the Squalor (2015)

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The Glamour & The Squalor is the story of Marco Collins, one of America's last great rock radio DJs and a musical tastemaker that changed our culture...

Les ogres (2015)

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They go from town to town, a big top on their backs, their show over their shoulder. They bring dreams and disorder to our lives...

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll: Rock 'n' Roll at the BBC (2015)

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A collection of live performances from rock 'n' roll artists culled from the BBC archives.