"2003" Featured Movies

Latin Kingz (2003)

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Latin Kingz takes you behind gang lines when a giant shipment of illegal drugs washes up on the beach in the Florida Keys on its way to the US from Cuba. A local gang finds the stash and plans to cash in big time.

Scream Bloody Murder (2003)

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In this horror spoof, the girls from Cherry Mount Academy are on their way to a dance at a nearby all-boys...

Scent of Danger (2003)

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FBI agent Carol Blue was unwilling to take local help in the case of the kidnapping of little Zoe Hendricks...

Crackerjack 3 (2003)

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A group of retired spies once former enemies, are forced to work together in an attempt to retrieve a neutron bomb stolen by a group of new-wave...

Henry VIII (2003)

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Two-part TV series documenting the stormy 38-year reign of King Henry VIII.

Tango in Buenos Aires (2003)

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Tango in Buenos Aires (2003)

Rita (2003)

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Biography of 1940's sex goddess Rita Hayworth. Born Margarita Cansino, she studied dancing from the...

Baghban (2003)

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An elderly couple wish their children to care for them in their old age. But their children see and treat them as a burden, and they must struggle to regain their worth and dignity to themselves and others.

Save the Green Planet! (2003)

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Byeong-gu believes that the world is on the verge of an alien invasion, and sets out to save the world.

Lucía, Lucía (2003)

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Lucia, an children's book author, tells the story of her husband's disappearance. One day on their way to Brazil he just disappears...

Liquid Bridge (2003)

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Nick McCallum dreams of turning pro surfer but his father, wheelchair bound after a surfing accident...

Nikos the Impaler (2003)

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Due to a botched robbery attempt, a ruthless Romanian barbarian is somehow resurrected in modern day...

The Selecter: Live in London (2003)

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The Selecter have been a permanent fixture on the ska scene since the original ska explosion at the end of the 1970s. On this disc, frontwoman Pauline Black leads a latter-day lineup through 16 songs including the classic "On My Radio".

9 Souls (2003)

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Nine convicts escape from prison; most are convicted murders. They commandeer a van from a strip club...

Deep Freeze (2003)

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An Antarctic drilling station is under attack by a mysterious killer. Will anyone survive?