"1996" Featured Movies

Deadly Pursuits (1996)

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A former stripper befriends a young man looking for his father, all the while trying to avoid a hitman for the mob, to whom she is deeply in debt.

The Sweeper (1996)

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A young renegade undercover cop (C. Thomas Howell) with a propensity for violence and a past history...

Chain of Command (1996)

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When Merrill Ross (Michael Dudikoff) is thought to be a C.I.A. agent gone bad and teaming with some...

Terminal Justice (1996)

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In 2008 cybersex can only be surpassed by one thing: Cloned women, especially created for their clients...

Exit (1996)

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An attempted burglary of a strip club goes awry when one of the three burglars kills a man who draws a gun...

The Journey of August King (1996)

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The Journey of August King is a multi-dimensional drama about a North Carolina farmer in April 1815...