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Perseveration (1970)

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A young boy(Joshua)'s journey into survival after being born into a inbred religious cult quickly turns sour. Locked in a cage, starved, & beaten his whole life he witnesses a murder in the church where he has been held captive Being taught a skewed religion & being held captive takes a tole on his mentality as he grows into a monster. Acting out on his disgusting, depraved & violent urges towards the "Non believers" as he was brought up in the quiet abandoned town in Hancock New york Where The inbred cult family lived. With a face hidden from society for so long, a tortured soul, And a skewed belief, he roams the streets looking for the next sinner to cross his path. So... We ask you.. What would you do if your religion was defiled?

Here Alone (1970)

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A young woman struggles to survive on her own in the wake of a mysterious epidemic that has decimated society and forced her deep into the unforgiving wilderness.

Goya Exposed with Jake Chapman (1970)

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As Jake works on a new 'Disasters of War' model in his London studio, he explains why for him there is a fundamental conflict at the heart of Goya's art - in their gruesome detail his images seem to celebrate violence rather than protest against it. Jake explores this contradiction that art history has chosen to ignore, and explains how it tells us something profound about the way we see ourselves and our past.

I Know You by Heart (1970)

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I Know You by Heart (2017)

Nelson's Caribbean Hell-Hole: An Eighteenth Century Navy Graveyard Uncovered (1970)

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Human bones found on an idyllic beach in Antigua trigger an investigation by naval historian Sam Willis into one of the darkest chapters of Britains imperial past. As archaeologists excavate a mass grave of British sailors, Willis explores Antiguas ruins and discovers how the sugar islands of the Caribbean were a kind of hell in the age of Nelson.

Burning Sands (1970)

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Deep into Hell Week, a favored pledgee is torn between honoring his code of silence or standing up against the intensifying violence of underground hazing.

The Red Pill (1970)

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The Red Pill chronicles filmmaker Cassie Jaye's journey following the mysterious and polarizing Men's Rights Movement. The Red Pill explores today's gender war and asks the question "what is the future of gender equality?"

Comfort (1970)

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A late night courier boy agrees to pick up the feisty daughter of an important client. The two youngsters form a close connection and spend two nights exploring LA's local food scene while their romance blossoms.

Christ Rising (1970)

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As another year begins a man of God, American soldier Jake Reeves has come back after ten years from a life of war in the middle east...

Circus Kane (1970)

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A reclusive circus master invites a group of social media stars to his house of haunts. Anyone who can...

Running Wild (1970)

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Running Wild is about Stella Davis, a widow who saves her ranch by working with convicts to rehabilitate...

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1970)

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Documentary film-maker Bob Sanders and his wife Carol attend a group therapy session that serves as the backdrop for the opening scenes of the film...

No Blood of Mine (1970)

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No Blood Of Mine is a murder mystery filmed on location in Duluth, Minnesota.

God Assigned Chef 2 (1970)

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God Assigned Chef 2 (2017)

Scarlet Snow (1970)

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A group of five snowboarders get trapped in an abandoned cabin due to a massive whiteout. Soon they will find out that a demonic spirit haunts the cabin and won't stop until it kills every each one of it's new occupants.

Defenders (1970)

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FIVE Mid-Western high school seniors, secretly trained in a unique system of Kung Fu', containing inherent supernatural abilities, don disguises, and take the offensive against a gang and bullying element that is taking over their school.

Portal to Hell!!! (1970)

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A crusty and recluse superintendent is thrown into the ultimate fight against evil when a couple of cultists open a portal to the ancient and mysical city of R'lyeh, awakening slumbering god.

Ultimate Justice (1970)

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A team of former elite soldiers are drawn back into action, when the family of one of their own is attacked.

Refugee Baby: A Documentary (1970)

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3 students travel to Cambodia to interview genocide survivors. They also interviewed refugees raised in America in harsh environments. This story is about the economic improvement made in Cambodia and in Cambodian communities in America.

Madness in the Desert: Paris to Dakar Rally (1970)

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The story of the Paris to Dakar Rally started by Thiery Sabine

The Changing of Ben Moore (1970)

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A teenage orphan on a journey of self discovery starts a video journal when he begins to experience black outs and health issues. When his dog is found dead and his girlfriend goes missing his quest turns to discovering who is responsible.

The Cutting Room (1970)

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College students Raz, Charlie and Jess are about to start work on their end of year Media Studies project...

Dr. Feelgood: Dealer or Healer? (1970)

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The story of Dr. William Hurwitz -- a preeminent pain specialist sentenced to 25 years in prison for drug trafficking -- provides a window into the ethical complexities of prescription painkillers.

uk18 (1970)

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A documentary film-maker suspects she is being brainwashed by a secret government organisation.