"Short" Movies

Feral (2012)

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A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization. Alienated by a strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.

Morning After (2016)

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Michael is faced with a dilemma, when a night of drinking with friends, turns into a sensual exploration of sexual identity.

Rainbow Dream (2017)

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"Rainbow Dream" tells the story of Ben, a young male whose life is far from perfect. Ben gets fired...

The Cost of Cute: The Dark Side of the Puppy Trade (2016)

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Grace Victory investigates the designer dog industry, from the smuggling of sick and underage puppies to the crippling health problems of some of the internets most loved breeds.

Blood Brothers (2017)

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When a young British soldier deserts his battalion in the heat of World War I, he must seek refuge in a nearby barn only to find an unexpected threat.

Back 2 Life (2017)

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From first sight to last fight, Trilogy takes us through the span of a relationship between two people convinced they were destined to be together until they look back and see how they crumbled apart.

Panic (2016)

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Dylan's nightmares are becoming more real. He's got to get away or he might not wake up. Jenny is all...

Three Little Pucks (2017)

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A toy designer tries to convince his boss to make the perfect hockey puck for kids. One problem: His boss hates hockey.

Portal to Hell!!! (1970)

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A crusty and recluse superintendent is thrown into the ultimate fight against evil when a couple of cultists open a portal to the ancient and mysical city of R'lyeh, awakening slumbering god.

For the Emperor (2014)

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After witnessing the deaths of his family in the flames of an orbital bombardment, a peace-loving farmer named Yamashita now faces the decision of sending his last surviving son into the very war that consumed his family.

Spark (2017)

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'Spark' is a story about grief. It follows Wayne, an award-winning writer, on his quest to find inspiration for his new novel before he completely loses everything that was constant in his life.

Total Freak (2014)

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In this summer camp horror-comedy, a young teen pursues a mean girl and discovers a secret about the lake.

There's a Clown in My Closet (2014)

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A couple and their two young daughters move into a new home where there may be something or someone living in the closet...

Norman Television (2016)

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Norman, a lost guinea pig, wanders in the pipe through apartments in New York, and his main recreation during his adventure is to see how the apartment residents live - with popcorn and remote controls.

Earl Scouts (2013)

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The Foodimals join Earl's scouting program but are very competitive.

Red Mission (2016)

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Three astronauts are on the first manned mission to Mars when something unexpected happens.

The Meeting (1970)

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Two men share the same name, Lorenzo Salvi. One is an actor having problem with his life, and the other a rich surgeon. Their lives and destiniees are supposed to meet, or it is just a terrible joke in someone else's mind?

Le petit bonhomme vert (1970)

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A woman has an erotic experience in a plant nursery.

The Augusta Street Ripper (2014)

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A beautiful vampire-girl works as a prostitute on the famous Augusta Street (in São Paulo, Brazil), because it's an easy way to get food...

The Rope Maiden (2013)

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A man holds a woman in his dungeon, ties her up and suspends her from the ceiling. He then goes through the do's and don'ts of making a snuff film.

Emily's Diary (2016)

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Emily has just graduated from directing school, and she loves taking her DV camera out with her to film in secret...

Special Delivery (1978)

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A hapless husband neglects to clear the icy walk, which leads to the mailman slipping and breaking his neck. A comedy of errors results from his attempts to hide the body.

Road to Saint Tropez (1970)

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The stylishly shot film tells of a woman who has a brief amorous liaison while on a trip along the South of France to Saint Tropez, but returns disillusioned.

Video World (2013)

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Video World is like other movie rental stores. It's the best place in town to discover new films. It also went out of business...