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Ozzy (2016)

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Ozzy, a friendly, peaceful beagle has his idyllic life turned upside down when the Martins leave on a long and distant trip...

Vampyres (2015)

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Faithful to the sexy, twisted 1974 cult classic by Joseph Larraz, Vampyres is an English-language remake pulsating with raw eroticism...

I Am Your Father (2017)

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David Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader at the first Star Wars Trilogy, never revealed his face during the films...

Battle Mountain: Graeme Obree's Story (2016)

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Addicted to breaking records, this former world champion puts his mind and body on the line one last time...

What Now? Remind Me (2014)

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Joaquim Pinto, who has been living with HIV for more than two decades, looks back at his life in cinema, at his friendships and loves, at the mysteries of art and nature - while undergoing an experimental drug treatment.

Que Dios nos perdone (2016)

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Inspectors Velarde and Alfaro must find what appears to be a serial killer, This hunt against the clock will make them realize something they'd never thought about: neither one of them is that different from the killer.

Bleak Street (2015)

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In the early morning hours, two elderly whores go back to their hovels. They are not tired from working...

Amar (2017)

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Laura and Carlos love each other as if every day was the last, and perhaps that first love intensity is what will tear them apart a year later.

Toro (2016)

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A former con man must be back to his old habits to save his older brother and niece from his ex boss and mentor.

Argentina (2015)

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Poetic, riveting and moving, Argentina explores the heart of traditional Argentine folklore and its stunning musical heritage.

Incerta gloria (2017)

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Incerta gloria (2017)

Lucas Chronicle (2017)

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Lucas is a young man with no aspirations in life, did not study, does not have any graduate, but was...

Miki (2017)

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Miki, police officer, dealing with major crises in his personal and professional life. Trying to protect his family and face his fears.

The Invisible Guest (2017)

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A young businessman faces a lawyer trying to prove his innocence by the assassination of his lover.

Colossal (2017)

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A woman discovers that severe catastrophic events are somehow connected to the mental breakdown from which she's suffering.

Mine (2016)

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After a failed assassination attempt, a soldier finds himself stranded in the desert. Exposed to the elements, he must survive the dangers of the desert and battle the psychological and physical toll of the treacherous conditions.

Far from the Sea (2016)

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A woman marked by her father's assassination when she was a child interests about the man who killed him.

Oleum (1970)

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Oleum (2017)

A Fantastic Woman (2017)

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Marina, a waitress who moonlights as a nightclub singer, is bowled over by the death of her older boyfriend.

Órbita 9 (2017)

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Órbita 9 (2017)

The Rezort (2016)

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The ReZort, a safari park, offers paying guests the opportunity to kill as many zombies as they please following an outbreak.

Sicarivs: La noche y el silencio (2015)

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A hit man receives the assignment to kill a woman. But what seems like another routine job gets complicated when he spares her life, and he has just one night to find and take out the people who hired him.

Seven Deaths by Prescription (1975)

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Dr. Brézé and his sons, all surgeons with limited abilities fight any competition on their sector with all means.

Untitled Jurassic World Sequel (2018)

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Plot unknown.