Power Rangers (2017)

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A group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.

Baka bukas (2016)

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Alex, is a twenty-something year old creative based in Manila. She is out to most people except her...

The Slayer (2017)

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Camp counselors fall prey to the vicious killer lurking in the deserted camp grounds.

Mr. Invincible (2017)

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Joe King (Jordan Ray Fox) has a problem. He can't kill himself. Worse, at a moment of supposed death...

Mine (2016)

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After a failed assassination attempt, a soldier finds himself stranded in the desert. Exposed to the elements, he must survive the dangers of the desert and battle the psychological and physical toll of the treacherous conditions.

Resident Evil 6 (2017)

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Picking up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is the...

Prison Break: Sequel (2017)

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Seven years later, thanks to information provided by T-Bag, Lincoln and Sara discover that Michael is still alive in a Yemen prison

Jailbreak (2017)

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What started as a simple escort mission will soon turn to chaos as the prisoners of Koh Kla take over the prison grounds...

Fangar (2017)

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Linda is sent to serve time in Iceland's only women's prison for a vicious assault that leaves her father in a coma. But no-one knows that she harbors a dark secret that could tear her family apart, a secret that could set her free.

Wolves of Wuhan (2017)

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Amid news reports of ravenous beasts roaming the night, Gao, an ex-con bar manager and leader of a punk band in Wuhan...

Wolf (2017)

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When mysterious deaths plague a small town. A rookie detective takes matters in to his own hands as he suspects who the killer is.

The Distinguished Citizen (2016)

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After refusing big and prestigious awards all over the world, Mr. Mantovani, Literature Nobel Prize winner...

Polaris (2017)

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A psychologically traumatized war photographer is locked in a desperate struggle to protect her secrets and escape her inevitable return to the Middle East.

Pylon (2017)

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Pylon is a political thriller based around modern British political events.

Isoken (2017)

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Everyone in the Osayande family worries about Isoken. Although she has what appears to have a perfect life - beautiful...

Ezekiel Shannonhouse (2017)

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Ezekiel Shannonhouse (2017)

Desconectados (2017)

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Austin and Peter are two brothers who live in completely different tunes. Clara, her mother no longer...

The Invisible Player (2017)

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Professor Nari, an eminent university lecturer, is slandered by a mysterious anonymous letter "accusing"...

Blockbuster (2017)

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Blockbuster (2017)

CIA: Comrade in America (2017)

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CIA: Comrade in America (2017)

Omega Rising: Remembering Joe D'Amato (2017)

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Omega Rising: Remembering Joe D'Amato delves into the career of the notorious Italian filmmaker, Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato, the infamous director behind the legendary Video Nasties Anthropophagus: The Beast and Absurd.

Adolescence (2017)

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A teenager from an abusive household falls in love with a free-spirited runaway that leads him into the fast-lane lifestyle of drugs and addiction which threatens to destroy him.

American DJ (2016)

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Seven young DJs embark on a journey to put their stamp on the music industry.

In Sickness (2017)

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After you take your vows, what happens when the future is nothing like what you envisioned? As a man spirals deeper and deeper into his mental illness, his young wife is forced to question whether love really is enough.