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Spin Out (2016)

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Let Love Take You For A Ride.

Blood of Youth (2016)

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The film tells the story of a youth through the brutal youth revenge at the expense of life at the story.Growing up in the welfare school teenager Susan (Ou Hao) and girl Lin Qiao (Guo Shu Tong) have each other, each other to warm, but suffered bullying and humiliation. When the juvenile all the way to grow brutal, degenerate into a computer genius, the bad guys have not become old, so Su Aung began to weave their revenge plan.A boulder was found to cause a sensation in the town, captain Zhang Jianyu (Zhang) took over the case, to investigate. In the difficult progress of the case, a different identity of the people are involved in the case: confused drunkard, bent on the windfall butcher Shenge (Monday Wai), romantic suave musician Li Zhimin (Guo Xiaodong), sexy Of the brain doctor Han Yun (Yu Man)... When the puzzle surfaced, who is the real sinner?

Pioneer (2016)

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The film led by the leadership of Guizhou Province in 1964 to Beijing to ask Chairman Mao inscribed Zunyi meeting site when Chairman Mao recalled Zunyi because of inaccurate information led to the defeat of the Tucheng campaign to form the story of the Red Army intelligence advance team, mainly about the Red Army advance The small unit to overcome difficulties, and the enemy wits and eventually to the weak force of the Red Army to obtain valuable information and time to win the victory of Loushanguan reversal of the Red Army in the passive situation everywhere shocking story.

Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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A secret agent is called out of retirement to save the world from an evil genius.

Girls' Night (1998)

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Two British best friends and in-laws Dawn and Jackie work together at a factory. When Dawn is diagnosed...

Stormquest (1988)

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In a female-ruled society where men are kept solely for breeding, two women come to believe that their society's treatment of men is wrong, and lead them in a revolt against the system.

Jackie (2016)

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Following the assassination of President

Utopians (2016)

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Hins, a 21-year-old student, lusts after his lecturer despite his girlfriend's hostility toward him, causing them both to delve into their untapped desires.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (2016)

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How might your life be better with less?

Love on the Sidelines (2016)

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Laurel is a struggling fashion designer who finds herself with a job as a personal assistant for Danny, a quarterback sidelined with an injury. Laurel knows nothing about football and Danny hasn't ever had a female assistant.

The Party Is Over (2015)

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THE PARTY IS OVER tells the story of three college roommates and each of their bizarre, obsessive relationships...

Love at First Glance (2017)

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A Dash of Love (2017)

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When an aspiring chef lands an assistant job at her idol’s restaurant, she's convinced her big break is just around the corner. After a rocky start, she befriends the handsome executive chef and they begin bonding in the kitchen. But her joy is short lived when she discovers her idol’s stealing her recipes and fires them both to protect her secret. Together, they set out to create their own pop up restaurant and discover the most important ingredient is love.

A Pentatonix Christmas Special (2016)

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"A Pentatonix Christmas Special" celebrates the holiday season with a one-hour television event where...

Run, Simon, Run (1970)

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A Papago Indian returns to his reservation after a prison term and searches for his brother's killer.

Comic Book Villains (2002)

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Told from the point of view from Archie, a comic book collector, this is the story of a rivalry between two comic book shop owners...

The Black Windmill (1974)

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A British agent's son is kidnapped and held for ransom.

The Amazing Colossal Man (1957)

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Lt. Col. Glenn Manning is inadvertently exposed to a plutonium bomb blast at Camp Desert Rock. Though burned over 90% of his body...

Take a Chance (1933)

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Take a Chance (1933)

Live by Night (2017)

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A story set in the Prohibition Era and centered around a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime.

Gangsta Walking the Movie (2017)

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GANGSTA WALKING THE MOVIE! First collaborative movie about Memphis Hip Hop and Dance culture, EVER!...

Beaches (2017)

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The friendship between two women from childhood onwards.

A Plastic Ocean (2017)

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A PLASTIC OCEAN begins when journalist Craig Leeson, searching for the elusive blue whale, discovers plastic waste in what should be pristine ocean...

Brad Williams: Fun Size (2015)

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Comedian Brad Williams' standup topics include his experiences as a little person and how to please your woman in bed.